What is needed to start investing?

To start working with Solis, you first need to register a personal account. You will be able to start investing after signing up to your personal account.

How many accounts can I register?

You can register just one account. In case any investor creates more than one account, Solis has a right to suspend cooperation with such investor. Please, learn more about it in the ‘Terms of Service’ of our company.

What is the minimal investment sum?

In order to start investing, it is enough for you to make a deposit from $1. To learn more about all tariff plans, go to our main page and review each of them in the corresponding section.

What electronic payment systems can be used during investing?

At this moment we offer the following electronic payment systems for use during investing: Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Advanced Cash, Payeer.

What are the minimal and maximal sums that I can order for withdrawal?

The minimal sum available for withdrawal is $1. There is no maximal limit for withdrawals.

How long will it take to process my withdrawal request?

It may take up to 24 hours to process your withdrawal request.

Can I change wallets?

No, the wallets are set once and are not the subject to changing.

Do you have a referral system?

Yes. Our referral system has 14 levels. Please see the corresponding section for more details.

Can I make a deposit with one payment system and request withdrawal to another?

Yes, it is possible. Currently we support the following payment systems: Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Advanced Cash and Payeer.

If I have questions that are not enlisted in this section or on the company website, who should I address?

You can always solve any issue you have related to investing by contacting our Customer Support. We work around the clock.